Est-ce que ZeroWater élimine l’antimoine ?


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What is PFOS and PFOA

What is PFOS and PFOA?

The chemical substances group PFAS has come under heavy fire in recent years. These are substances that are often used in the chemical industry. PFOS …

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ZeroWater products available at Teastation

At Teastation you can choose from an assortment of 170 types of loose tea. Black tea: pure or flavored, green tea: pure or flavored, white tea, fruit infusions, herbal compositions or a wide range of redbush. There are always 4 teas prepared and ready to be tasted at any time of day.

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Why is lead in drinking water a concern?

Why is lead in drinking water risky?

Lead in tap water has received a lot of attention in recent times. In most households, the lead content in tap water meets the standard. …

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