How does a ZeroWater waterfilter work?

Do you want clean drinking water without too much effort? Then a ZeroWater filter is the solution. The ZeroWater filter removes all dissolved substances from the water, so that nothing remains in your drinking water. Standard well-known 2 or 4-stage filters remove part of the surfactants from the water. But with a 5 stage filter, the filtration is much better! ZeroWater is also the only filter that effectively filters chromium, lead and even PFAS from your water.

By filtering all dissolved substances from the water, you only have pure water left. This is only possible with ZeroWater’s special 5-stage filter and not using other systems. Our filter consists of:

1. Coarse Basic
Filters fine particles and sediment.

2. Foam Divider
Distributes the water evenly over the filter for more efficient use and optimal filter performance.

3. Activated Carbon & Oxidation Reduction Alloy
Filters various contaminants, particularly well on organic substances. Also reduces chlorine and other heavy metals and prevents mold.

4. Ionization Exchanger
Negative and positive ion exchanger removes foreign ions from the water molecules and returns them in a pure state.

5. Ultra-fine sieve & non-woven membrane layers
Removes ultra-fine particles.

You can read exactly how that process works here. The parts of a ZeroWater filter.

The ZeroWater filter has an entrance and an exit. The process of filtering water takes place in between in a number of clear steps that can be easily separated from each other. The better the filter, the cleaner the water that eventually comes out through the outlet of the filter. By removing all dissolved substances from the water, you only have pure water left. This is possible thanks to ZeroWater’s special 5-stage filter. This filter consists of five different parts.