About ZeroWater

Our mission is to make everyone drink themselves happier and healthier. Because we believe that water is the basis. After all, we ourselves consist of no less than 70% of water. By making clean and pure drinking water as accessible as possible for everyone, we hope to contribute to a better world.

Here at ZeroWater we sell filters to filter your water. Our filters are specially made to deliver wonderfully pure water. The filter removes as much as 99% of dissolved solids – almost 50% more than competitive brands. We therefore guarantee the best water quality at every location. Because our filters work perfectly at home, at the office or even when on the go.

The filtered water provides the purest, purest taste to the drinking water. It is not for nothing that tea sommeliers and baristas prefer to use ZeroWater. By filtering out all harmful substances, you really enjoy the best flavors of every drink.

ZeroWater’s 5-stage ion exchange filtration keeps water free from harmful substances and ensures a clean, pure taste. Water flowing through the filter moves through five different sections that remove the visible solids, inorganic compounds and contaminants that lurk in our tap water.