Order and delivery

We strive to deliver your package as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is why we make a number of promises about delivery that you can always confront us with.

  • We will ship your package the same day if it is ordered and paid for before 8 p.m.
  • Is a product out of stock? Then this will always be clearly stated on the website. It is only possible to reorder if we are sure that the product will be back in stock.
  • After we have given the package to the carrier, you can always track your order with a track and trace code.
  • We currently ship with PostNL, SEUR and their partners. That is why we always guarantee the best and most reliable delivery.

Do you have questions about your order or is your delivery not going as it should? Please feel free to contact us so that we can solve it together.

Herenweg 15
3602AM Maarssen
The Netherlands
+31 (0)88 0034 140


What should I do if I want to cancel an order? When canceling an order, always contact us by phone on +31 (0)88 0034 140.

Postage costs

Based on the shipping country, our shipping rates and the free shipping from amount differ. Check the table below to see when your package will be shipped for free.

postage costsfree shipping fromPostNLDPDSeur
Bosnia Her.€ 21.45€ 150.00NoYesYes
Bulgaria€ 12.36€100.00YesNoYes
Estonia€ 10.70€100.00YesNoYes
Finland€ 12.36€100.00YesNoYes
Greece€ 12.36€100.00YesNoYes
Iceland€ 21.45€ 150.00NoYesYes
Croatia€ 10.70€100.00YesNoYes
Latvia€ 10.70€100.00YesNoYes
Lichtenstein€ 21.45€ 150.00YesYesYes
Lithuania€ 10.70€100.00YesNoYes
Malta€ 21.45€ 150.00YesNoNo
Monaco€ 21.45€ 150.00YesNoYes
The Netherlands€5.74€50.00YesYesYes
Norway€ 21.45€ 150.00YesYesNo
Portugal€3.26€ 25.00YesNoYes
Romania€ 12.36€100.00YesNoYes
Serbia€ 21.45€ 150.00NoYesYes
Spain€3.26€ 25.00YesNoYes
Czech Republic€5.74€50.00YesNoYes
Sweden€ 10.70€100.00YesYesYes
Switzerland€ 21.45€ 150.00YesYesNo

The free shipping amount only applies if we are allowed to choose the carrier. If you want to choose the carrier yourself, a small amount of additional costs will be associated with this.