Every individual has a right to clean water

Removes 99.9% of all dissolved solids

This is how you get the purest water

With one of the ZeroWater systems, which work with a unique 5-step filter, you can immediately start purifying your own tap water. By filtering the (unhealthy) dissolved substances (TDS) out of the water, you are left with 99% pure water. This means that substances that can be harmful to your health are no longer in the water and you and your family can enjoy a refreshing glass of water with peace of mind.


  • Removes amongst others: calciumleadPFASglyphosate.
  • The NSF certified filter that filters out lead, chromium and mercury
  • Removes 99% of all dissolved solids
  • Truly pure water with a TDS of 000
  • Loved by tea lovers and European Championship winning sommeliers

Zerowater offers the only filter that removes PFAS, chlorine, chromium, zinc from your tapwater water

More and more is becoming known about harmful substances that end up in our drinking water. Research takes a long time and regulations even longer. It is therefore good to realize which substances are in our drinking water and what they do to our body.

ZeroWater has therefore set up dossiers on various substances, such as PFAS, lead and chromium, to provide you with all the necessary information. These files are continuously updated so that you are always aware of the most recent changes in regulations and research.

About ZeroWater

Drink yourself healthier and happier, that is our mission. We do this by making clean water as accessible as possible to everyone, so that we contribute to a better world in our own way.

As has been proven: the basis of good health is good hydration. After all, we consist of no less than 70 percent water. Pure drinking water is good for our brain, for our immune system and for our skin. And yet the importance of this is far too often underestimated.

At ZeroWater, we want to make sure that everyone takes better care of themselves, by tackling it from the ground up. With our unique filter system, we make clean drinking water accessible to everyone, at any location. 

What is your TDS value?

How long your water filter lasts depends on the TDS value of the unfiltered water. With a TDS meter you measure the value of the dissolved solids. This value is different everywhere as can be seen on the map.

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