Tea sommelier Michèle Decol tests (un)filtered water

Published on 13/12/2018 Last updated on 23/10/2023

In the United States, ZeroWater is mainly used by people who want to drink clean and healthy water. Here in Western Europe tap water is of such good quality that there is almost no chance of falling ill after drinking it. But that does not mean that there is no place for the ZeroWater filter in Western Europe. On the contrary it makes our water taste softer and tastier.

The right taste, the right color
In Western Europe we see fervent tea lovers slowly starting to discover ZeroWater. After all, tea consists of 99 percent water and polluted water results in bad tea. By filtering water with ZeroWater and then using it to make tea, you get tea with better taste and color.

In the world wines sommeliers are already a well-known phenomenon. But because there are also many types of tea and every tea tastes differently, there are also more and more tea sommeliers, who share their knowledge about taste, aroma and the different types of tea during masterclasses.

Because not every tea sommelier knows the effects of ZeroWater on water, and therefore tea, we organise ZeroWater tea tests. Belgian tea sommelier Michèle Delcol recently visited us to make tea with tap water and ZeroWater and to do a tasting. It will come as no surprise which tea she eventually chose as her favourite. The tea made with ZeroWater of course!

The test: filtered and unfiltered tap water…

Why ZeroWater? With tea, made with ZeroWater, you really taste the purest parts of the tea. It has a different color, a different smell: it’s an entirely different experience! Because there are no residual particles left in the water, all the wonderful notes of the tea leaves will have the space to come to life, creating a balanced taste. A true experience!

An extra benefit when you make tea with ZeroWater is that you no longer have any deposits in your teacups and your kettle. Of course there are some other factors that contribute to creating your perfect cup of tea. But it all starts with the foundation: the use of the perfect type of water.