18.9 liter combibox including Oasis Co2oler cooler and 10 filters

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  • Filtered tap water, instead of expensive and burdensome water bottles.
  • 1 Set of filters replaces up to 20 refill bottles of 18.9 liters (average savings of more than € 150.00)
  • Includes Oasis Co2oler water cooler (choice of color & temperature)
  • Includes 10 filters and TDS meter
  • Removes 99.8% of all dissolved substances from the water.

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Sustainable and pure water with an Oasis water cooler and the ZeroWater filter system. No stock of bottles, no truck at the door with water from the factory, but pure water by filtering your own tap water. It also saves a lot of money and space! 1 Set of filters equals up to 20 large 18.9 liter bottles. These no longer need to be delivered and stored. And then we are not even talking about the cost savings of hundreds of euros per year.

The refillable filter system comes with an Oasis Co2oler water cooler with chilled and hot water or chilled and room temperature water.

Specifications Oasis Co2oler system:
Water temperature – Chilled & Room temp or Chilled & Hot
Color – Gray/Stainless Steel
Alcove height – 165 mm
Dimensions – 1100 x 325 x 405mm
Maximum power consumption – 100 W | 620 W
Power supply – 220-240V, 50/60 Hz
Tank Capacity – Cold 1,5 L | Hot 1,5 L & Cold 1,5 L
Cooling capacity – 20 L/h | Hot 7.9 L/h & Cold 20 L/h

All Oasis water cooler models that are not available in the webshop are available on request. (

The premium 5-stage water filtration removes 99.6% of all dissolved solids from your tap water – more than any other leading brand.

  • 18.9 liter capacity in a 27 x 27 x 52.4 cm system (140 centimeters including the Oasis water cooler)
  • Removes 99.8% of all dissolved substances from the water including lime, lead, PFAS, glyphosate.
  • Including 10 filters and TDS meter, so you can immediately enjoy wonderfully pure water.
  • All ZeroWater products are completely BPA/BPS free.
  • As the only water filter jug certified for filtering lead and chromium.

More information about all substances that ZeroWater filters can be found under
What does a ZeroWater filter remove.


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Cooled & Hot Water, Cooled & Roomteperature



Filters Lime


Filters Lead


Filters PFAS


Reviews of this product

Zerowater offers the only filter that removes PFAS, chlorine, chromium, zinc from your tapwater water

More and more is becoming known about harmful substances that end up in our drinking water. Research takes a long time and regulations even longer. It is therefore good to realize which substances are in our drinking water and what they do to our body.

ZeroWater has therefore set up dossiers on various substances, such as PFAS, lead and chromium, to provide you with all the necessary information. These files are continuously updated so that you are always aware of the most recent changes in regulations and research.