Independent lab tests ZeroWater

Published on 15/11/2020 Last updated on 29/09/2023

Tastes differ. This also applies to water. The smell and taste of ZeroWater filtered water is therefore optimal. And that is partly due to the technology of the 5-stage filter. To demonstrate that ZeroWater’s 5-stage filter really filters everything from the water, Aqualab Zuid conducted an independent test.

The owners of Aqualab Zuid are the three southern drinking water companies in the Netherlands: Evides Waterbedrijf, Brabant Water andWML Limburgs drinkwater. The purpose of the test was to show how many solid dissolved solids are present in the water. The test utilised tap water, ZeroWater filtered water and filtered water from the market leader in the field of personal water filters.

Filter lead

ZeroWater tested the best. ZeroWater is the only filter that removes lood, cadmium, PFAS and other plastics from the water. For example, the other brand filters lead out of the water to some extent, but ZeroWater ensures that no trace of lead can be found in the water. This is what makes ZeroWater unique! And important, because in the case of lead it can be harmful to your health if ingest it through tap water. During the test 15 micrograms per liter of lead was found in the tap water. The same water was used with the ZeroWater water filter and none of the lead remained in the water.

Iron from the water

During the test, a high concentration of iron was also found in the tap water, no less than 210 micrograms per liter. ZeroWater took this content down to less than 10 micrograms per liter. Ijzer in het drinkwater zorgt ervoor dat het water een slechte smaak krijgt en geeft het een onaangename geur en kleur. In addition, it can cause blockages and rust formation. It is not a problem for the human body to get a limited amount of iron, because it is part of important proteins and enzymes in our body. However, too high of a concentration is not recommended. Iron is also found in animal and vegetable products and is thus absorbed by your body.

Acidity of the water

The ideal acidity for drinking water is between a pH value of 6.5 and 8. Water only really hydrates our body when the acidity level exceeds 6.5. Aqualab Zuid’s independent test showed that the tap water had an acidity of 7.66pH. After filtering with ZeroWater, the water had an acidity of 7.75pH, a perfect result. And that while with the other brand the acidity of the water dropped to 6.32pH. A pH value of 7 is also referred to as pH neutral. This water is neither acidic nor basic, so really just water!

Hardness of the water

The independent test also showed that ZeroWater has took the water hardness down to 0. While the tap water had a hardness of 1.8 millimoles per liter. The hardness of the water is determined by the amount of calcium and magnesium in the water. The test also shows that ZeroWater completely filters calcium and magnesium from the water, resulting in soft water. The advantage of soft water is that it tastes better, coffee and tea tastes better and it reduces limescale deposits, for example, sanitary ware and kitchen appliances with which water is heated.