How much water can you filter with a ZeroWater filter?

Published on 15/11/2020 Last updated on 08/06/2022

Tastes differ. Can you taste the difference between tap water and filtered water? The taste of filtered water is better, and it also contains a lot less harmful substances. Enough reasons to start filtering your water with ZeroWater. But exactly how much water can you filter with a ZeroWater filter?

ZeroWater is the best tested filter, the only filter that brings the TDS value (total dissolved solids) to 0. Optimal clean water.

The TDS value of your tap water

The TDS value of tap water is different for every household. This has to do with many different factors. For example, do you still have lead water pipes in your house? This often occurs in homes built before 1960. Then there is a good chance that the lead content of your water is much higher than that of the neighbors, if they already replaced all lead water pipes. But other substances in tap water, such as calcium and magnesium, can cause a high TDS value. Depening on the place of residence and where the water comes from the TDS value can be higher or lower.

TDS value different everywhere

The TDS value of tap water therefore differs per household. Are you curious about the value of your tap water? Then do a TDS-measurement. This way you’ll know quickly how much dissolved solids are present in your tap water. How much water you can filter with one ZeroWater filter depends on the TDS value of your tap water. For example, does your measurement result in a low TDS value? Then your filter will be able to filter more water. Simply because the filter collects all dissolved solids. The higer the TDS value of the tap water, the quicker the filter will saturate and will need to be replaced.

Liters and values

In general, with a TDS value between 50 and 200, the filter will last for about 95 to 200 liters of water. If the TDS value is higher, for example between 200 and 300, the filter will last about 55 to 95 liters of water. With a TDS value of 300 to 400, the filter will last between 30 and 55 liters of water. Are you curious about how much water you use per day? Without realizing it, you use a lot of tap water in a day. On average, an adult uses about 127.5 liters of tap water per day. For children, the average is 103 liters of tap water per day. Of course you don’t need to filter all this water, because this also includes the water that you use to flush the toilet, brush your teeth with, shower, water plants and so on. The amount of tap water that an adult uses on average per day for drinking is about 1.8 liters. This includes the tap water that you drink directly or, for example, you use to make coffee or tea.

With this you can easily calculate when it is time to replace your ZeroWater filter. Replace the filter on time, so that you are always assured of well filtered and optimally clean water. You can measure the TDS value of the filtered water with a TDS measurement device. Does it indicate “006” or higher? Replace your filter immediately.