ZeroWater filters out glyphosate for 100%


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Glyphosate, the most important ingredient of the well-known RoundUp, has been the subject of loads of discussions. One of the big questions is whether or not glyphosate effects the health and wellbeing of humans and animals alike.

“ZeroWater really is Zero! Water”
Because glyphosate is becoming more common in surface water, and therefore also in drinking water, the Health Ranger Store decided to perform an independent test. During this experiment they placed a large number of well known water filters next to each other and measured how much glyphosate each can filter out of the water.

Want to know the results? Watch the researcher’s response to the filter strength of the ZeroWater filter in the video below.

The experiment showed that ZeroWater filters out all (!) the glyphosate from the water. “I did not think there be a water pitcher that could remove a 100% of the glyphosate, I ran this multiple times because I thought surely there must be an error because there wasn’t even a trace of glyphosate. I would say by this test that ZeroWater is by far the best tabletop waterpitcher-filter. “, the researcher.

Does ZeroWater remove arsenic

Does ZeroWater remove arsenic?

Yes! ZeroWater removes 99% of the arsenic from your tap water based on 150 liters of filtration (double the prescribed use) when tested according to the NSF protocol.
The Premium 5-stage Ionization Changer Filtration System removes more impurities than the standard 2-stage filters.

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Are there chemicals in my drinking water

Are there chemicals in my drinking water?

In the Netherlands, drinking water is extracted from groundwater and surface water. Increasingly chemicals are found in the water used to make our drinking water. …

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What is a TDS measurement

What is a TDS measurement?

TDS means Total Dissolved Solids, or the number of dissolved solids in drinking water. You can easily measure how many dissolved substances are present in …

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