ZeroWater products available at Teastation

Published on 29/11/2018

Teastation has a wide range of teas and now also has ZeroWater in the store!

ZeroWater in the range
At Teastation you can choose from an assortment of 170 types of loose tea. Black tea: pure or flavored, green tea: pure or flavored, white tea, fruit infusions, herbal compositions or a wide range of rooibos. 4 teas are always ready for you in tasting.

“Immerse yourself in the world of loose tea”

Teastation offers a wide selection of unique tea accessories, bags, jugs, filters and tea sets. Recently ZeroWater was also added to the assortment Teastation was introduced to the product.

But it doesn’t stop at tea, even artisanal biscuits, chocolate, macarons or more sweetness, is available at Teastation.

Sparked your interest? The store is located in Hasselt, at Aldestraat 13.