ZeroWater now also available at Simon Levelt (Arnhem)

Published on 06/12/2018

Simon Lévelt is a household name in the field of tea and related products within the Netherlands. In Arnhem you can now find our ZeroWater products in one of the Simon Lévelt stores!

Water quality: perfect it with ZeroWater
Tea consists of 99% water. An indispensable ingredient for your daily cup of tea. Although the water in the Netherlands is one of the cleanest in the world, the quality varies per municipality. And the quality of the water is very decisive for the quality of your cup of tea.

Did you ever notice that an oily stain was floating on your tea? The tea quickly became dark and the taste was sour, in other words: dry and slightly bitter. This is due to a high water hardness. Water with a high water hardness contains many minerals and salts. On the other hand, tea made with pure water, is clear in color and the taste is a bit sweeter.

That is why the ZeroWater pitcher is now available from Simon Lévelt Arnhem. So they can guarantee you the most delicious cup of tea whilst using the best tea leaves and the purest water.

You can find the store at Koningstraat 79 in Arnhem.