What is the best way to purify drinking water?

Published on 15/11/2020 Last updated on 08/06/2022

Drinking water from the tap at home is safe. But is safe also healthy? Water purification companies work according to standards and guidelines for purifying water for safe consumption. However, this does not mean that our tap water is completely free of harmful substances. But how do you best purify your drinking water?

Why drink healthy water?

The human body consists of more than 70% water. This means that water is the main component of every cell in our body. And not only our cells consist for a large part of water, but also our blood and lymph fluid, the space between our cells, contains water. Our body needs water to properly hydrate cells, tissues and organs so that these body parts continue to function properly. In addition, the moisture in our body ensures that waste (poisonous) substances are removed. We do this by sweating (through our skin) or passing it out (urine). Because water is such a large part of our body and has such an important function, it is very important to provide our body with healthy drinking water.

Why purify water yourself?

Our drinking water is more polluted today than it used to be. Environmental pollution has increased since the 1950s. And thus also the contamination in ground and surface water from which drinking water is extracted in the Netherlands. Water companies are therefore finding it increasingly difficult to keep our water clean in an affordable way. Your own water pipe can also cause pollution, think of lead water pipes that were still used in construction before 1960. These pipes release lead particles into the water. That is why more and more people are opting for filtering tap water at home.

Purifying water at home with the ZeroWater filter has several advantages:

  • It produces soft water, so less lime in the water. As a result, kitchen appliances last longer.
  • The water tastes better, unwanted flavors and odors are removed.
  • Coffee and tea tastes better with filtered water.
  • Contamination of the water, such as lead, pharmaceutical residue and pesticides are completely removed from the water.
  • The water has less harmful substances and is healthier, so that your cells are optimally hydrated.

Purify the tap water at home

The easiest and cheapest way to purify water at home is to filter the tap water. You can use a water filter jug from ZeroWater. The ZeroWater 5-stage filter filters all dissolved solids from the water. Do a TDS measurement of the tap water in advance to measure the number of dissolved solids. Fill the ZeroWater filter jug with tap water and pour the water into a glass. Do another TDS measurement. You will see that the meter reads “000”, which means that there are no more dissolved solid in the water, so you can drink 100% clean and healthy water. It’s that simple. Over time, if you’ll notice that the TDS meter reads “006”, which means the water filter needs to be replaced.