How do you enjoy your tea optimally?

Published on 08/10/2018 Last updated on 08/06/2022

98% of tea is water so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the smell and taste of your water has an enormous influence on your cup of tea. Tap water contains a lot of substances that influence the smell and most of all the taste of water. Thankfully ZeroWater is able to filter out all these unwanted substances to create the purest tea tasting experience you have ever had.

How does water influence the taste of your tea?
For tea it is important that the residual value also called TDS (total dissolved solids) is as low as possible. The TDS-value of European tap water varies a lot per region, the average value is above 250 TDS. There are many ways to diminish the TDS-value of water. One of the best known in the tea industry is the Brita-filter. This filter lowers the TDS-value of your water by half.

However with a ZeroWater filter you can filter out all substances leaving you with a TDS-value of 0! You can keep your eye on the TDS-value quite easily by usage of the free TDS-meter you receive with your pitcher. ZeroWater recommends replacing the filter whenever the TDS-value hits 006.

To paint a better picture we should also take into account bottled water. The difference in TDS-value when comparing different brands is ginormous. It varies between 32 and way above 600! We recommend using ZeroWater because of the TDS-value of 0 it’s the purest tea experience you can get!

The Test!
All this was just theory, but what happens when you put theory into practice. Tea sommelier Karin Kamman tested the theory by making two cups of tea, both using the same tea leaves, temperature and brewing time. The only difference was that for one cup they used tap water and the other freshly filtered ZeroWater. In the pictures you see the difference in colour.

Tea made with tap water and ZeroWater
directly after making the tea
Tea made with ZeroWater and tap water
6 hours after making the tea

You can imagine that the effect on the smell and taste of the tea is as big as the difference in colour! One of the biggest differences is the lack of bitterness. Suddenly the subtle taste of the tea leaves emerges. Whenever you brew your tea with ZeroWater you will definitely taste the pure taste of tea, a delicious experience!

Another bonuspoint when using ZeroWater is that you won’t have to worry about lime scale (the chalk residue). So no more scrubbing to clean your cups nor kettle! Of course there are many more factors that contribute to the perfect cup of tea. However it all starts by using the best water possible!