ZeroWater products at Tea in Motion


We are proud that Teainmotion recognizes the importance of ZeroWater filters for the taste experience of tea, and now also included the products in its assortment!

Anja knows
Anje has a passion for tea, because there is actually a story behind every kind of tea. In 2016 she even became the Dutch Tea Champion.

The cultivation, picking and processing of tea leaves is a process that takes place with great care and attention. There is a lot of knowledge involved, and with the love many tea farmers have for their product, tea was and still is a really special product.

Anja also discovered ZeroWater. “A water filter that removes the minerals that harden the tap water, quickly and carefully”. A test she did with the water made her an enthousiast.

“To make the most of tea, you need water without all those minerals, it is much brighter and softer in taste. You can see it immediately! Especially green and black tea take advantage of this taste upgrade!”.

An additional advantage is that the kettle remains free of stubborn lime. And you do not have any ‘dirty layers’ on your tea (teascumb by lime), your teapot stays nice for much longer and your tea set remains free of stubborn, dark deposits.

Teainmotion sells ZeroWater products via its online web shop, but also sells to catering companies and businesses.

Does ZeroWater remove iron

Does ZeroWater remove iron?

Yes! When tested in accordance with the NSF’s protocol based on a 150 litre filtration (double the rated usage), ZeroWater removes 98% of the iron from your tap water. The Premium 5-Stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System removes more contaminants than the standard 2-Stage filters

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How can you tell that your drinking water is not a good quality

How can you determine that your drinking water is not a good quality?

The quality of the drinking water differs per household. It depends on where the water is extracted in the Netherlands. The ground and surface water …

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ZeroWater now also available at Simon Levelt (Arnhem)

Simon Lévelt is a household name in the field of tea and related products within the Netherlands. In Arnhem you can now find our ZeroWater products in one of the Simon Lévelt stores!

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