Tea as it should be

Tea consists almost entirely of water. If that water is neutral, free of all kinds of contaminants and other substances, then you only taste the real flavour of tea. A wonderful experience!

The taste test

Tea experts recommend ZeroWater

Tea experts? Yes, they do exist. There are even tea sommeliers! They judge tea on its pure taste. To do so the foundation, the water, needs to be as pure as possible. After several different tests it became clear that the tea experts preferred tea brewed with water filtered using ZeroWater filters. Using the purified water, the real taste of tea comes into its own.

Water as main ingredient

Better coffee using clean water

Water is quite important for coffee. Coffee consists of 98 percent water. Water must be clean, free of heavy metals and chlorine and have a limited hardness. Coffee lovers will add magnesium and sodium bicarbonate to their water to get it up to their preferred TDS of 50-125 ppm. The exact TDS depends on the type of coffee.

Why use ZeroWater?

Ultimate filtration using our 5-stage filter

Well-known 2-stage filters remove part of the dissolved solids from water. But the filtration is much better using our 5-stage filter! ZeroWater is also the only filter that effectively filters chromium, lead, and even PFAS out of your tap water.

Here are the test results of the ZeroWater filter compared to regular 2-stage filters.


Wide range of jugs for any type of use

We know how annoying it is to have a jug that is much too large or too small. That is why we have a large assortment with different types of jugs available. Our filter fits in every jug, so you don’t have to pay attention to which filter fits your jug.