Tea workshop with Carine Baudry


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ZeroWater does not only sponsor special tea events in the Netherlands; we also want to show the unique effect of our filter across the border. So when we read that the French tea specialist and certified aroma expert Carine Baudry came to Antwerp for a masterclass, we contacted the organization to link our name and product to the event.

20 Tea Sommeliers
On sunday the 25th of November we drove a car full of ZeroWater jugs and pitchers to De Winkelhaak in Antwerp to meet Carine Baudry and around twenty French and Belgian tea sommeliers. Everyone was looking forward to the Oolong master class in which Mrs. Baudry would show the multi-layered aromas of ‘oolong tea’, uhh … smell of course.

Because we were a little too late, we had to set up our jugs and large 9 Liter filter quickly, but the familiar proverb that haste makes waste, was quite applicable to us at this time. The filter of the 9 Litere tank was not properly tightened, so when we put our TDS meter in the filtered water, there were still a lot of particles in it. The ZeroWater claim of a TDS value of 0 did not come true to our horror! We knew, of course, that the TDS value of a new filter should be 0 TDS, so we looked for something that wasn’t not be right. That turned out to be the filter, causing unfiltered water to drip into the reservoir.

When that problem was solved, we were able to provide the participants of the masterclass with well-filtered water for tea. The first two hours, however, no teacup was touched. The focus was entirely on the smell of the multi-layered aromas of the oolong tea. Only the nose had to be used! Watch the video for this special meeting.

Tea is so much more…

Why ZeroWater? With tea, made with ZeroWater, you really taste the purest parts of the tea. It has a different color, a different smell: it’s an entirely different experience! Because there are no residual particles left in the water, all the wonderful notes of the tea leaves will have the space to come to life, creating a balanced taste. A true experience!

An extra benefit when you make tea with ZeroWater is that you no longer have any deposits in your teacups and your kettle. Of course there are some other factors that contribute to creating your perfect cup of tea. But it all starts with the foundation: the use of the perfect type of water.

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