5 well-known independent water laboratories


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When drinking water you want to provide your body with the best quality water. Tap water in the Netherlands meets the safety standard, but is not always of good quality. You can have the water checked for taste, smell, acidity, oxygen and all kinds of (sometimes pathogenic) substances by an independent water laboratory. Where is the best place to have the water tested? These are the 5 major independent water laboratories in the Netherlands.

Both the sampling and the analysis are accredited at the 5 laboratories below.

Aqualab Zuid

A water laboratory in the heart of the Brabantse Biesbosch, Aqualab Zuid conducts water research using a wide range of techniques. They make the water sample themselves and do the water analysis in the laboratory or on location. You will then receive extensive advice and report. With expertise and reliability, they represent the importance of clear, tasty and healthy water. The three southern drinking water companies in the Netherlands are Evides Waterbedrijf, Brabant Water and WML Limburgs drinkwater own Aqualab South. The research they conduct on water is completely independent. Earlier they conducted an independent comparison study between tap water, ZeroWater filtered water and water filtered by the market leader in the Netherlands.

Waterlaboratorium van het Noorden

Just as the South is represented by its own independent water laboratory, the north of the Netherlands also has an independent water laboratory. For water analyzation, water research and advice in the field of water treatment and water installations, you can contact the Waterlaboratorium van het Noorden (WLN). Owners of this laboratory are Waterbedrijf Groningen and WMD Drinkwater. Just like Aqualab Zuid, WLN also takes water samples for testing and provides an independent analysis, advice and report.

Het Waterlaboratorium

North and South Holland have their own independent water laboratory to have the quality of drinking water tested, Het Waterlaboratorium. They regularly conduct research for Dunea Duin en Water, PWN Waterleidingbedrijf Noord-Holland and Waternet Amsterdam. Het Waterlaboratorium innovates continuously and is therefore able to test the water with innovative concepts in water quality assessment. In particular, they have expertise in the identification and confirmation of microorganisms with the MALDI-TOF (Matrix-assisted charger desorption / ionisation-time or flight mass spectronometry) technique. They are also specialized in the residues of medicines in the water, characterization of natural organic material and industry and food.


Aquon conducts water-related research and advice for nine water authorities and water boards in central and southern Netherlands, including Waterschap Brabantse Delta, Hoogheemraadschap van Delfland and Waterschap Rivierenland. By means of independent research they provide insight into the water quality, provide expert information and reliable advice. The laboratory is specialized in Chemistry, Hydrobiology and Sampling & Logistics. AQUON’s analysts conduct the laboratory activities with complete impartiality and independence.


An independent agency is responsible for the North-West region of the Netherlands. OMEGAM-Water B.V. provides research and advice in the field of water. Specialists take samples of the water, perform high-quality research according to a fixed protocol and convert the result into sound and appropriate advice. OMEGAM-Water B.V. is an independently operating company and therefore guarantees independent advice.

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The Premium 5-stage Ionization Changer Filtration System removes more impurities than the standard 2-stage filters.

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