CEO International Tea & Coffee academy tests ZeroWater

Published on 08/02/2019 Last updated on 23/10/2023

Tea is 99% water and avid tea drinkers are very aware that their water should be as pure as possible. The purer the water the better the tea will taste. That is why a lot of bottled water is used by tea enthusiasts, and some of them even use a reverse osmosis device to filter tap water.

The perfect water for Richard
We also find such a device at the International Tea and Coffee Academy in Zeewolde, where we meet CEO Richard Schukkink for a ZeroWater tea test. Richard travels around the world to give lectures about tea and tea plantations. He will never use ordinary tap water to make tea unless he has absolutely no choice. A perfect candidate for the ZeroWater tea test, where he will test tea made from tap water and tea made from ZeroWater is put to the test.

It’s nice to see how Richard takes care of his tea. Everything is carefully weighed and the time that the tea has to steep is kept accurate to the second. Also the tea that is used gets the necessary attention: an Indian tea from Assam from the Kongea plantation. Curious what Richard is paying attention to when making tea and eventually drinking it? Watch the video! Then you can also find out which water wins the ZeroWater tea test. And no, we do not shout it from the rooftops.